SEM Rush and Keyword Research

In my years of being at Agile, SEM Rush is one tool at my disposal that has remained one of the most useful—particularly when it comes to keyword research. You might be thinking, “Wait a second, this keyword research thing sounds familiar!” If so, bravo! I’ve written about the topic a couple of times.

One of the best ways to get started in a keyword research project is to figure out what your competitors are ranking for in search. Also check out common themes or gaps that occur between competitors.

SEM Rush describes itself as an “online marketing toolbox that contains indispensable data for developing SEO, advertising, and link-building strategies.” For our purposes, however, SEM Rush is primarily a competitor analysis tool.

Say you have a specific competitor online who ranks consistently in the same results as you.

SEM rush and keyword research graphic

Who are these people?

If you’re looking to find out more about how that competitor is performing online, SEM Rush is an excellent tool.

SEM rush and keyword research graphic 2

Not only will SEM Rush tell you whether or not others are running paid ads in search, but it will also tell you about how many popular keywords they’re ranking for on the first two pages of Google and approximately how much traffic they get from those keywords.

Each section of the dashboard can be expanded for more information. For example, according to this dashboard, one of our competitors is ranking for several different keywords. For more detail, the next step is to check out organic search.

SEM rush and keyword research graphic 3

Here we can see all of the different keywords that the site is ranking for in search, as well as which particular pages on the site that show up in search for those keywords. This is very useful because it provides seed words to use when we move into the expansion stage of keyword research with Google Adwords.

We can also dig deeper to find out which sites link to our competitors (and thus which sites we might be able to earn links from or reach out to):

SEM rush and keyword research graphic 5SEM rush and keyword research graphic 5

This gives us an ever-widening group of competitors that we can pull seed keywords from and research online advertising for like-minded companies:

SEM rush and keyword research graphic 6

We can also search for particular keywords that are important to a business and locate competitors and additional related keywords that way:

SEM rush and keyword research graphic 7

The only downside to SEM Rush that we have found is that it’s not free—but it’s well worth the money. There is limited information available on the free version of the tool, but at $69.95 a month the pro version isn’t especially expensive—especially if you’re a data junkie like me!

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